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If you’re struggling to find a family dentist in Brighton Le Sands NSW, you might want to consider Sans Souci Dental which is just a short hop from the 2216 Botany Bay area. Offering a wide range of up-to-date treatments delivered by an experienced, caring team, we’re well placed and well-equipped to cater to all your dental needs.

Located on the southern tip of St. George’s Peninsular and just a 6-minute drive from Brighton Le Sands, you’ll find us conveniently located inside the modern Sans Souci Medical Centre with free parking on Ritchie Street.

Staff Sans Souci Brighton le Sands
So why choose us over a Local dentist in Brighton Le Sands?

We’re a small team of dental professionals, whose gentle manner and empathetic nature is something that their existing Sydney patients love. We welcome the opportunity to get to know you better, be able to understand your dental concerns and smile goals and provide tailored treatment plans that meet your dental needs, lifestyle, and budget.

Our patients matter to us. We love helping you to achieve and maintain healthy teeth and gums for life. We do this by means of educating and assisting you to develop a good daily regime of dental care.

So that anxious patients can receive the treatment they need, we also provide Nitrous Oxide Inhalation Sedation, otherwise known as ‘happy gas’, which aids relaxation and allows patients to feel more comfortable during treatment. This is something that a dentist in Brighton Le Sands may not provide.

We have 27 years of experience collectively. This means that our patients can rest assured that they are in safe and secure hands. Our dentists are experienced in gentle dentistry and we ensure that every patient feels at ease before starting any treatment. Moreover, we always take the time to sit down with patients and discuss their treatment options, enabling them to make informed dental decisions.

What treatments do we offer Brighton Le Sands patients?

Just like any dental clinic in Brighton Le Sands 2216, we provide a comprehensive variety of treatments. These range from preventative dental care through to some of the latest lifelike dental restorations and even cosmetic dentistry. So, whether you’re looking for a caring dentist to oversee your child’s first dental visit, you have a weakened tooth that needs a dental crown, or you fancy having your teeth whitened for a special occasion, the team at Sans Souci Dental can help.

Below are some of the services and treatments our dental practice provides

Routine preventative checks
Just like any Brighton Le Sands dentist we believe that prevention is better than cure.
Our preventative examinations are non-invasive and non-obtrusive, and enable our dentists to monitor your oral health as well as being able to detect any dental problems in their early stages when they’re easier to treat and less of a burden on your wallet!
Restorative dentistry
If you’re in need of a tooth filling or a new dental crown, but still haven’t managed to find a dentist in Brighton Le Sands who can help, then you might want to consider us. We go to great lengths to ensure that any dental restorations look as good as they function. Our composite fillings are carefully matched to the shade of your natural teeth so that no-one but you and your dentist will even know that you’ve had a procedure.
Cosmetic dentistry near Brighton Le Sands

If you need a little extra help with your smile, then why not follow the example of your favourite celebrity and invest in a little cosmetic dentistry. Our Sans Souci dentist is skilled in many cosmetic procedures and can use porcelain veneers to cover teeth that are deeply stained, cracked, or slightly misaligned.

With their natural translucency which mirrors that of tooth enamel and a super-fast procedure, our Brighton Le Sands patients can be the proud owner of a gleaming new smile in just 2 dental visits.

Services Sans Souci Brighton le Sands

If you’re just looking to brighten your smile, then we offer a variety of tooth whitening solutions to make your teeth whiter. We provide some of the latest whitening techniques and some of the top brand names to minimise any tooth sensitivity. We can help our Brighton Le Sands patients choose the one that’s best suited to you and formulate a treatment plan for long term maintenance.

If you can’t find a dentist in Brighton Le Sands NSW that ticks all of your boxes, then why not put us to the test. We’re a Sans Souci dentist you can rely on. Call us today on (02) 8073 9218 and take the first step to a healthier, happier smile.

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