If you want to brighten your smile, lighten your teeth or remove stains, professional teeth whitening is the safest and most effective way to do it. Teeth become discoloured owing to a combination of ageing and exposure to substances that stain. If you want to know how to get white teeth, you need professional whitening treatment.


Why Do Teeth Become Discoloured?

Your teeth can get internal and external stains and discolouration. The older you get, the more yellow the dentin inside your teeth becomes, affecting the overall shade. If you drink lots of coffee, red wine or caffeinated beverages, or you smoke, your teeth will accumulate extrinsic stains too. Over time your teeth can change from bright white to a more yellow colour. 


How To Get White Teeth?

If you want a whiter smile, you have two options: chairside teeth whitening or take-home whitening trays. Both options are available under the guidance of your dentist and can be tailored for your individual whitening goals. 

Teeth WhiteningIt’s important that you only seek out professional teeth whitening treatments because these are tested formulations that have been created to protect and remineralise your teeth when the product penetrates your dental enamel. This protects your teeth and saves you from tooth sensitivity. It’s important to note this because there are plenty of store-bought whitening kits, strips and toothpaste on the market that make big claims about teeth whitening. Some of them are dangerous and some of them do not work because they are not strong enough to penetrate dental enamel. 

Only use dentist-approved teeth whitening products, and don’t even be tempted by the home remedies that the internet pushes forward either. Baking soda, lemon juice and vinegar are all abrasive and can damage your dental enamel and will not help you with how to get white teeth.


Chairside Whitening

If you want to whiten your teeth for a special event or have a deadline, chairside whitening is the fastest way to do it. This is because your dentist can use the highest concentrations of hydrogen peroxide, which means a whiter smile in a shorter time frame. Most patients find one session is enough to lighten their teeth by six to eight shades, and only require some maintenance every once in a while. 


Take-home Whitening Trays

If you are not in a hurry, you can have a teeth whitening solution made up that is not as strong, which you will dispense into customised trays and wear for a few hours a day or while you sleep. You might need to wait a little longer to see the results but you can achieve the same results from the comfort of your own home. 


The Importance Of A Dental Check-Up

Before you attempt any teeth whitening treatment you need a dental check-up to ensure that your gums and teeth are free of decay and disease. Your dentist should also clean and polish your teeth to remove any traces of plaque and tartar before whitening.

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