It’s hard not to think about the beauty and confidence a whiter smile can give you. If you’re interested in giving your smile a brighter, rejuvenated appearance, you’re not alone. While you may be wondering “is teeth whitening safe?”, your dentist can put your mind at ease. Teeth whitening, when done by a dental professional, is extremely safe. 

Is Teeth Whitening Painful?

Teeth whitening has gotten a bad reputation over the years because of over-the-counter teeth whitening kits. These kits dry out the teeth significantly, which can lead to painful sensitivities and aching. 

Teeth whitening, when performed in your dental practice, has minimal discomfort. Even the at-home maintenance kits protect the enamel of your teeth and do not increase sensitivity.

If you have any concerns about the teeth whitening options we offer, ask as many questions as needed. Teeth whitening should be a positive experience that boosts your confidence and makes you feel great.

The Newest Research: Is Teeth Whitening Safe?

Over-the-counter brands have made people wonder: just how safe is teeth whitening?

In April of 2019, the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology reported at its annual meeting that the use of over-the-counter whitening strips to whiten teeth may damage the protein-rich layer of dentin that is found beneath the hard layer of enamel that is the tooth’s surface. 

In previous studies of the effects of hydrogen peroxide on the teeth, researchers focused on the hard enamel surface, and they found nothing to be concerned about even though there was some degree of a roughing of the surface. They also knew, however, that hydrogen peroxide can change the structure of proteins. As a result, they concluded that regular whitening strips contain large amounts of hydrogen peroxide which will eventually alter the protein in the dentin layer and cause permanent damage to the dentin.  

Another study in the United Kingdom, reported by the BDJ Team, an organisation that promotes dental health, concluded that three brands of over-the-counter whitening strips contained sodium chlorite, which in combination with acids can cause reduce the hardness of teeth and leave the teeth vulnerable to abrasions.

They also evaluated five other over-the-counter whitening strips that do not use hydrogen peroxide and found the presence of sodium chlorite in these as well. 

They further indicated that over-the-counter whitening agents probably do not have the intended result in whitening the teeth and that a dentist should be consulted for the best approach to whitening. 

Safe Steps to Whitening Teeth

The safest way and the most effective way to whiten your teeth is to consult with your dentist. Your dentist will examine your teeth for any signs of decay or other dental issues that may affect the whitening process, and they will also advise you as to whether whitening is a good idea in your situation. 

Discolouration of the teeth can occur due to both external and internal conditions in the teeth, and before using whitening agents, you should determine the approach that is best for you. Your dentist will also examine your gums and mouth to make sure everything is healthy before chemicals are administered.  

Once your dentist has given you advice on the safest way of whitening your teeth, they may recommend several options. Some factors they will consider is time constraints and hybrid in-office at-home whitening solutions. Some people have difficulty maintaining a regular home treatment schedule due to family or work obligations, and they choose to have all the whitening done in the dentist’s surgery. Either way, your choice will be monitored by the dentist to ensure your safety and your comfort. 

Maintaining Your Bright Smile

Once you have received a whitening treatment in your dentist’s office, it’s important to avoid habits that can cause your bright smile to fade. Avoid drinking staining beverages such as coffee, tea, red wine, and dark sodas. Additionally, avoid tobacco products as these can minimise your white smile very quickly.

Most in-chair teeth whitening options offer at-home maintenance treatments. If followed correctly, you can enjoy a renewed, whiter smile for years.

Final Thoughts

Is teeth whitening safe? Research has shown that teeth whitening options are safest when administered by a dentist once the teeth have been examined, and there is a determination that it can be successful. There is a lot of recent concern about over-the-counter teeth whiteners because they contain chemicals that can be harmful to the teeth. If you are interested in a brighter, whiter smile with a safe technique, call Sans Souci Dental today at (02) 8073 9218 to discuss our teeth whitening options.

We look forward to helping you improve your smile.

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