Patients who experience a root canal infection may benefit from a root canal treatment, whereby the infected material is drained and removed from the tooth, and then cleaned out before being resealed. This is done to prevent reinfection and is a highly effective strategy to save a dead or dying tooth.


What Is The Root Canal And Why Should It Be Treated?

Each of your teeth has pulp inside. The pulp is made up of blood vessels and nerves, which can become damaged or infected under certain circumstances.

Typically the pulp is required to feed emerging teeth, acting as the root of the teeth, but once your adult teeth are fully formed the pulp is not needed to the same extent. While the pulp may not be needed, its absence may cause the tooth to be weaker or more prone to fracture and damage. 

Root canal therapy is the process by which the pulp is cleaned out. this is important because the bacterial infection can become severe enough to cause an abscess quite quickly.

What Are The Signs You Have A Root Canal Infection?

Some symptoms you might need a root canal treatment include

  • Extreme pain or lingering sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures
  • Swelling and pain around the affected tooth
  • Darkening or tooth discolouration
  • A visible pimple of the gum


What Can You Expect From Root Canal Treatment?

Your dentist will perform a visual examination and x-ray to assess the extent of your infection before numbing the area with an anaesthetic. A hole will be drilled into the tooth and the infected pulp will be extracted. Sometimes you will need to return for more than one visit to clean it out. After your root canal is cleaned, your dentist will seal it to prevent reinfection.

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